Bishopsteignton Primary School has again achieved an OFSTED ‘Good’ rating after their most recent inspection.

Headteacher Dave Killoran said that he was ‘delighted that the report reflected the dedication and commitment shown by everyone in the Bishopsteignton learning community.’

Leaders at the school said they feel that James Gentile, the OFSTED lead inspector, got an accurate sense of what it was like for pupils to attend Bishopsteignton during his two days at the school in May, speaking to staff, pupils and parents.

He wrote: ‘The school is at the heart of the community. Pupils describe it as one big happy family.

‘Pupils’ behaviour and outlook encapsulates the school motto of, ‘believe in ourselves; be the best we can be.’

‘Pupils are thoughtful and have a love of learning. Pupils reflect on their learning to identify what they can do to improve in the future. Leaders plan time to listen to what pupils want.

‘As a result, pupils express themselves with confidence. Staff have high expectations.

‘There are clear routines and structures throughout the school. As a result, pupils behave well and the school is calm. Pupils are respectful and listen to one another’s point of view

‘Strong pastoral support means pupils feel well cared for.

‘They know that they can speak to any adult if they need support. Pupils understand the importance of mental health. Leaders build close bonds with families to help pupils to achieve well.

‘Parents and carers are supportive of the school and its leaders. They find school leaders approachable and know that leaders will respond to any concerns they have.’

‘Our children deserve the very best start to their education in an environment where they feel safe, engaged, challenged and motivated.’

‘This report shows that, through the challenges of recent years, this remains the focus for everyone involved with Bishopsteignton and that children and parents believe it continues to be a positive and thriving learning environment,’ added Dave Killoran.

From September 2023, there are places available in most year groups and the Bishopsteignton Preschool.

Staff and children at Bishop would welcome visitors to come and have a look around to talk to you about what makes the school special as has been highlighted in the report.

For further information phone the school office on 01616 775873 or have a look on the school website.