BICYCLES chained to safety railings outside a busy Newton Abbot primary school have been removed after months of aggro in the community.

The bikes, placed as a protest against parents abusing ‘no waiting’ restrictions, have been a source of dispute for several months at Wolborough Primary School, Union Street.

It has now emerged that the man behind the protest was resident Mark Hooper, who teaches in Taunton and lives opposite the school.

He unchained the bikes after his wife received alleged ‘inappropriate comments,’ and had been the victim of alleged ‘aggressive behaviour’.

Mr Hooper told the Advertiser that any response from him would be unhelpful in the circumstances.

Neighbour Philip Barry told the Advertiser he criticised Mr Hooper’s campaign.

He said: ‘I told him that I disagreed with him putting the bikes there because it’s offensive to everybody.’

He claimed the protestor was ‘pushing the boundary’ by leaving the bikes in situ.

‘It all went too far and it just wasn’t needed,’ he complained.

Wolborough Primary School is pleased the matter has been resolved.

A spokesman said: ‘The bikes were not only unsightly but a health and safety risk to our children and the general public.’

He added: ‘This will reduce the number of enquiries we were having to deal with regarding the bikes.

‘I hope they do not return and the parking issue Mr Hooper has will be addressed through the correct channels.’

Trouble started in September when two mountain bikes were left on double yellow lines but were taken away by a ‘mystery person’ after they rusted and posed a danger to pupils.

They were then replaced by a moped, which was also banished only to be replaced by two more bicycles.

No apparent local authority action was taken during the period of the dispute.