ANOTHER week passes us by, which can mean but one thing... we must once again cast our minds back to the 1970s, in particular to Teignmouth and read the stories of the day.


After 25 years with the South Western Gas Board, Mr L J Napper, of Reppan, St Mary’s Road, has retired. Last Friday, he was presented with a cheque from the Board, and with a deck chair and an electric razor from his colleagues in Torbay. During the war, Mr. Napper was a warrant officer in the Navy, and for his part in the sinking of the Scharnhorst was awarded the DSC.


Grandson of Mr F Bladon and nephew of Mr Arthur Bladon, former chairmen of Teignmouth Urban Council, Geoffrey Bladon (25) has received the prize for the best ordnance electrical mechanician on qualifying course on HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy’s Weapon and Electrical School at Fareham, Hants. He is due to join HMS Ashanti on September 3.


Despite representations by Mr David Mudd, MP for Falmouth and Camborne, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Anthony Stoddart, states that the Government is sticking by its decision to withdraw their annual subsidy of £100,000 to the fishermen of Devon and Cornwall. Mr Mudd contended that our fishermen receive lower prices than in any other part of the UK. Mr Stoddart told him that the review had made it clear that the full-time inshore fishing fleet was now achieving a decent living without the need for a subsidy.


Thousands each week are never delivered - because they are without addresses. There are large, sad piles. Many have important messages, such as: ‘Please meet me on Saturday as usual. I don’t half miss you.’; ‘Dear Carol, please order some milk and a loaf for Friday’; ‘Dear Gwen, I think I forgot to cancel the milk.’; ‘Dear Sue, George forgot to let the cat out, can you pop round for me?’ The Post Office is very unhappy about this, and has even put up reminder posters next to much-used boxes.


Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.  He who tells a lie is not sensible of how great a task he has undertaken. The man who marries money soon learns that money talks.


Mr Walter J Partridge of the Westminster Press Ltd went to St Lucia, helping the local paper The Voice of St. Lucia to improve its management and printing methods. He has relations in Teignmouth and used the TP & G as an example of how a small newspaper should be produced. It has a great contrast with their own journal.

It is a model of neat and restrained typographic style, very well set, highly legible and very well printed. The owner of The Voice is Sir Garnet Gordon, ex-High Commissioner of the Windward Islands in London. He was most impressed with the orderliness of your paper.


Teignmouth Magistrates sat for five and a half hours  on Wednesday to hear charges to five men in connection with the disturbances near a snack bar on the Den on Friday. They had taken over two hours on other cases in the morning, so they had been on the Bench for altogether eight hours.


Father, Dear Father; Ring of Bright Water; Horror of Frankenstein; Count Yorga Vampire; Once Upon a Time in the West; Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show; Sammy the Way-Out Seal.