Wayland Van Hildyck-Smith, of Forde Park, Newton Abbot, writes:

As one gets older it appears that Christmas gets earlier every year – last year the catalogues, cards etc started coming through the door in September.

So is it really here now, in March, or could it possibly be that our illustrious council, after entering a third of the current year, still has not removed all its 2016 decorations from the clock tower where it appears there is still what looks like a big red tub and numerous hanging bits of wire and nails looking most disfiguring?

I would like to know how they got permission to deface the wall of a Grade I listed building with nails and bits of wire sticking out of the brickwork, as several people I know who own Grade I buildings can scarcely even apply a coat of paint without seeking permission to do so. Remember the pink listed cottage in Powderham?

Is this the old ‘one law for the rich and another for the poor’ or ‘not what you know, but whom’ raising its ugly head?

What ever it is, it is disgraceful and should be attended to forthwith.

I am certainly not the only one who has commented on it.