The future of some rare species of Devon’s butterflies is at risk due to climate change and habitat loss, according to experts.

Steve Hussey, from Devon Wildlife Trust, said species such as the Pearl Bordered butterfly were becoming “a much less common sight” across the county.

“Butterfly numbers in any year can fluctuate greatly, mainly in response to short-term weather patterns. However, the long term monitoring of butterfly numbers is showing up some worrying trends.

“Climate change and loss of wild places is having a negative impact on many of our butterfly species, such as the Pearl Bordered and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries. This is making them a much less common sight in large parts of our countryside.”

Last year, the Trust launched a project to help Devon’s declining butterflies.

“Together people can make a difference,” Mr Hussey said.

The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary is not only at risk in Devon but across the UK.

Pearl bordered fritillary butterfly (Erik Karits / Unsplash)

The chequered skipper butterfly (Erik Karits / Unsplash)

Brimstone on a flower (Illuvis / Unsplash)

Blue butterfly (Unsplash)