A WOMAN who was subjected to a ‘cruel and prolonged attack’ by her ex-fiancé was rescued by a stranger after she managed to escape and run for help.

Marc Jackson left the victim with bruising all over her face and body and broken ribs after attacking her as they visited a friend’s flat in Newton Abbot.

He launched the onslaught after she tried to trigger an emergency button at the flat. He responded by pinning her down and punching her repeatedly in the face.

He broke her phone to prevent her calling police and carried out further assaults. 

She thought she was going to die.

Jackson left the flat in Highweek Street, worried neighbours had heard her terrified screams. He frogmarched her out but she broke free as they crossed Asda car park.

She flagged down a passing car and a female motorist took pity on her. The police were called and she was taken to hospital for treatment for injuries to her face, head, arms, back, abdomen and ribs.

Jackson was arrested a few days later and denied the assault until his planned trial at Exeter Crown Court.

The 45-year-old, of West Golds Way, Newton Abbot, admitted causing actual bodily harm and was ordered to do 140 hours unpaid community work and undertake six months drug rehabilitation.

Judge David Evans told him he was taking into consideration the fact that Jackson has overcome drug addiction and gone on a course to change his attitudes to domestic violence during seven months he was remanded in custody.

He warned him he will face a sentence of well over two years if he breaks the order, relapses into drug abuse, or re-offends. He also imposed an indefinite restraining order banning any contact with the victim. 

He said: ‘You attacked the victim and battered her. She was vulnerable because of mental health issues and drug addiction.

‘Your behaviour was utterly inexcusable. You have a problem with abusing those with whom you are in a relationship. It is not a proper relationship if you treat someone like this.

‘She tried to end the relationship but she had come to depend on you and you knew that. When you assaulted her, you increased her suffering, physically and psychologically. You were cruel in undermining and dominating her.’

Mr Tom Bradnock, prosecuting, said the couple were engaged but the woman was trying to end their relationship.

He took her with him to Newton Abbot but took her phone, forcing her to remain with him in the hope of getting it back.

They went to a flat in Bradley Court where he launched the attack. She believed he was going to kill her said he made her feel worthless during their relationship.

She wrote: ‘He made me feel as if I deserved to be humiliated and beaten.’

Miss Zoe Kuyken, defending, said Jackson has served the equivalent of a 16 months sentence and has used his time in prison to overcome his drug addiction and undertake course designed to change his behaviour and attitudes.