A TOURIST has been banned from returning to a seaside holiday park after groping two members of staff who were trying to get him out of the bar.

Shane Oxley was staying at the caravan site in South Devon when he touched the breast and bottom of the women and went on to pester a female singer with dozens of unwanted messages.

Oxley was a regular visitor at the site where his family owned a caravan and carried out the sexual assaults shortly after it reopened after the 2020 Covid lockdown.

He had been overfriendly with the singer and hugged her the previous night and went on to touch two more members of staff as they were closing up on a Saturday.

Oxley, aged 34, of Croftlands, Huddersfield, admitted two sexual assaults and one count of harassment and was put on an alcohol monitoring tag for 60 days and ordered to do 55 days of rehabilitation activities under a three-year community order by Judge Stephen Climie at Exeter Crown Court.

The judge ordered him to pay a total of £550 compensation to the three women, fined him £20, and made a five-year restraining order banning any contact with the victims and prohibiting him from going back to the holiday park for the same period.

He told him: “These were physical assaults with were sexual in nature. When you are drunk, you pose a risk of inappropriate sexual behaviour. It was comparatively low level, by the standards of this court but the impact on the victims can never be understated.

“People are entitled to be left well and truly alone when it comes to contact which they do not desire or consent to. You overstepped the mark very significantly.”

Miss Victoria Bastock, prosecuting, said Oxley had behaved inappropriately towards a singer who was working as an entertainer at the park on the night before the sexual assaults.

He went into her dressing room uninvited on the Saturday night and sexually assaulted a member of staff who was called to remove him before touching a female bar manager on the breast/

He sent a string of messages to the singer, who blocked him, and then carried on sending them through a new account with the title Carpe Diem, He sent more than 30 messages in three days.

All three victims made personal statements saying they had been upset by Oxley’s actions and they now feel more insecure at work.

Miss Francesca Whebell, defending, said Oxley suffers from anxiety and depression which are so severe that he is unable to work. He lives an isolated existence and is on benefits.

He used alcohol to try to give himself confidence when meeting people but accepts he needs to address his use of it.