KINGSKERSWELL Parish Council wishes each and every one of you every good thing that you wished for yourselves, your families and loved ones this Christmas and Festive Season and into 2023, writes Cllr John Radford, Chairman of the council.

‘The world we live in has been changed forever in the past two years by the covid pandemic,’ he says.

He adds: ‘And, as we begin to emerge rebuild and reconnect, we face the added burdens of the uncertainty of inflation, financial and energy crises, driven by Russia’s abhorrent invasion of Ukraine, and a world inundated by propaganda, misinformation and the insidious, sinister, growth of fascism.

‘This is a time more than ever to reach out and support each other in whatever ways we can, through what may become difficult times ahead.

‘For 2023, Kingskerswell Parish Council has a plethora of plans we look forward to bringing into fruition, with the objective of enriching the lives of parishioners of all ages.’