A CARER has been jailed after he was filmed abusing a 94-year-old care home patient who was recorded screaming in pain as his legs were bent back over his head.

Jinu Shaji assaulted helpless and vulnerable grandfather Victor Hart three times during the same night shift at the home at Upton Pyne, near Exeter where he had been a resident for eight years. He died two months later.

He was immobile and unable to communicate even with his family as a result of suffering a stroke.

The ill treatment happened while care workers were changing his pads during a night shift.

He could be heard screaming in pain for four minutes as Shaji pulled his legs up so far that they dislodged items of a shelf behind his head.

Although barely able talk he was shouting “you’re breaking my legs”.

Shaji and another care worker could be heard talking in Malayalam, an Indian language, and ignoring Mr Hart’s pleas to stop.

Shaji eventually dropped his legs so suddenly that the patient banged his head on a wall.

Shaji had come to Britain on a working visa which had been sponsored by the Langford Park Nursing Home and was studying during the day while working night shifts.

He has been served with deportation papers and should be sent back to India when he is released from jail.

Mr Hart’s family were given permission to install a camera in his room after they noticed bruising on his thigh in July last year. They had remote access to the feed and spotted the abuse the next night.

His granddaughter Helen Legg wrote a victim impact statement which said: “He was vulnerable to this kind of abuse. Nobody should have to tolerate it, especially when they are humiliated and dignity is stolen so cruelly by those entrusted to care for him.

“This case is about my grandfather and justice.

“It was horrific to see him being struck, roughly handled and taunted by these much younger men. He was 94 and no doubt the harm done to his self-respect and wellbeing will have hastened his demise.

“No-one should have to spend their final days in fear of violence when their cries for help cannot be heard.”

Shaji, aged 26, of Russet Avenue, Exeter, admitted ill treatment by a care worker and was jailed for a year by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court. He will automatically be debarred from working in the care sector again.

The judge told him: “This was the deliberate infliction of pain on someone who was effectively helpless, done simply to make your task as simple as possible.

“Throughout, you ignored Mr Hart’s loud and distressing cries of pain. You displayed cruel unconcern.

“This was deliberate harm which was wholly unnecessary. It was repeated and prolonged ill treatment which was akin to an assault. It is clear from the recording that Mr Hart suffered significant pain over a prolonged period.”

Miss Emily Pitts, prosecuting, said Mr Hart’s family noticed bruising on his thigh and but were assured by the care home management that there had been no ill treatment. They were allowed to install a miniature camera which was visible in the corner of the room.

His granddaughter was so concerned about his treatment that she logged in and watched the footage very shortly after the three incidents. She took it to the home who sacked Shaji.

A manager there said it was the cruellest treatment she had seen in 38 years of nursing.

Miss Felicity Payne, defending, said Shaji was struggling with his workload and shift patterns and was one of only two carers in duty that night.

He was reluctant to raise his problems with management because the care home was the sponsor of his working visa.

Devon and Cornwall Police Detective Inspector Charlotte Heath said about the case: “This was an extremely upsetting case which showed distressing footage of the victim being roughly handled by those who should have been caring for him.

“We welcome the outcome today and hope that the family can find comfort in justice being served.”