A RETIRING police dog is in need of a new home, and a new family... could that be you?

Police Dog (PD) Ozzy, pictured above, is retiring from active service and is now looking for a new home to relax and retire to. 

There are, however, some things to know about Ozzy before any decision is or is not made.

Ozzy is what is termed a 'General Purpose' dog and so has been trained to bite.

He is a big powerful dog weighing in at 43kg. He is dog reactive and does not like cats - not even a tiny bit!

'Ozzy is good with the family and is a lovable rogue and a real softy at heart' a spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said.

'He is still full of beans and will need his exercise' the spokesman added.

► For those readers interested, contact PC Simon Willan for more information on [email protected]