Campaignerdelighted at recyclingsite fence

Monday 11th April 2022 7:00 am
Photo: Steve Pope MDA040422A_SP002 Recycling area in Newto Abbot's B&Q with new catch fencing in place. Mike Puleston with Cllr Alistair Dewhirst

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ENVIRONMENTAL activist Mike Puleston has thanked local councillor Alistair Dewhirst after a biosecure fence has been put up at a recycling centre.

Mike has been campaigning for the past 14 months for more measures to be taken to stop plastic and waste being blown from the recycling unit into the stream next to the site at Newton Abbot B&Q store’s car park.

Cllr Dewhirst, Teignbridge’s Executive Portfolio Member for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Health, said: ‘I am delighted that Teignbridge District Council have installed this fencing at the B&Q car park to protect the environment around the Whitelake River.

‘The new fine mesh fence will act as an effective barrier, stopping the inevitable wind-blown waste from the Recycling area at B&Q from entering the river – indeed Mike Puleston and I saw it in action on a breezy day, when it was very effective.

‘In addition to the new fence there is a new sign showing what can be recycled at the site; nearby sites that residents can use when this site is full and also the consequences of fly tipping at the site.

‘Teignbridge Officers have also instigated major changes to the emptying of the skips and the cleansing of the area – all of which have made significant improvements to the site. These cleansing and emptying arrangements are being rolled out to our other sites in the district and I am working with Officers to introduce the improved signage at other sites as well.

‘Of course, our residents must do their bit also and the Council’s Environmental Wardens are regularly on hand to offer words of advice and - I am afraid to say – hand out £100 fines to those who fly tip.

Mike said: ‘I feel pleased that my 14 month campaign to make the B&Q recycling facility more environmentally secure has had a positive outcome. I am somewhat reassured that the measures taken to improve the site will prevent as much plastic and other litter as possible entering a tidal waterway and subsequently the marine environment.

‘I would like to thank Councillor Alistair Dewhirst for his co-operation and collaboration in seeking to protect the immediate environment with myself.

I also thank the excellent and committed workforce in the TDC recycling dept, for working hard to maintain these facilities for the benefit of others, and who have to clear up after fly tippers and uncaring users of the recycling services – a thankless task!

‘I think it shows that we can all become complacent about our local environment including an elected council, my message to others who have concerns about threats to local environments and habitats, is please act.

‘I would just ask that everyone who uses recycling facilities do so responsibly, after all it costs extra money and time to clear up mess and damages the environment.’