It is the new year and the Court Leet and Court Baron met at the British Legion in Marsh Road on the 14th January to celebrate the Bread Weighing Ceremony or as we are calling it ‘Pie-eying’.

This is the first Bread Weighing since the start of the pandemic.

We would like to thanks the British Legion Club for their cooperation with the event and laying out the table in the bar so that their members could be involved.

After we changed into our robes the Borough Crier rang her bell and announced the opening of the Bread Weighing. This was followed by statements about the history of the event.

The Portreeve, Mr Allan Vizar, then reminds us that company will then taste mince pies obtained from various shops and then for an auction for benefit of the Portreeve’s charity.

If any person knows of any reason why these ceremonies may not proceed, let him speak now or hereafter hold his peace. So be it.

The stores who kindly donated their wares were the Clock Tower Café, Ashfords (in the market), Iceland (they excelled themselves by giving so many mince pies), Shaldon Bakery and Sainsbury’s.

The bread weigher, Mrs Sue Joyce, who was dressed in a charming period costume asked everyone to taste a sample from each shop and give their opinions on a special from devised by Mr Mike Joyce.

The scores were added up and the comments read out.

The winner, with the most votes, was announced by the Portreeve and it was Ashfords by a very narrow margin.

The Portreeve and other members of the Court were delighted with the quality of all the goods sampled this year. Well done to the shops visited.

The Courts will be presenting a certificate to each shop to commemorate the tasting.

The Portreeve then commenced an auction of the mince pies let over from the tasting and many gifts of cakes and jam from members of the Court.

The Portreeve thanked all those who attended and everyone who bought the donated gifts. A special thank you went to Mrs Sue Joyce for organising this event so well.

The profits from this auction of about £80 will be donated to Rowcroft the Portreeve’s charity.

The closing proclamation was then given by the Borough Crier and stated our next event was the Court Meeting to be held on Saturday 11th February and we all shouted – God Save the King!

Another very enjoyable time was had by all.