TEDBURN St Mary is one of eight towns and villages across Devon to benefit from the roll out of a broadband upgrade programme. 

Openreach has announced the latest locations to be added to the network of broadband infrastructure which will include 6,000 premises in Devon, among the hardest to reach, rural and coastal locations in the country. 

Tedburn St Mary is one of the villages next in line for the full fibre upgrade. 

Martin Williams, Openreach’s regional director for the South West, said: ‘This is a huge infrastructure success story across the region. No company is building faster or further in Europe, that we’re aware of.

‘We won’t be stopping either. We plan to build even further across the region, to more cities and towns, and our most rural communities.

‘And our engineers, of which 3,100 live in the region, are doing this at a rapid pace - despite this being a hugely complex engineering project.

‘Only 36per cent of premises across Devon which can order a new ultrafast service have done so, as upgrades aren’t automatic.

The work is part of Openreach’s £15 billion project to upgrade the UK’s broadband infrastructure - making gigabit-capable technology available to 25 million homes and businesses by the end of 2026, including 6.2 million in harder to reach more remote and rural areas.

The once-in-a-generation upgrade to Full Fibre, where a fibreoptic cable is run direct from the exchange into a home or business, gives access to the fastest, most reliable broadband anywhere in the UK.