BUG mascot Bradley the bee is spearheading Green Futures’ push to encourage residents of Newton Abbot to become a ‘Bradley Bug Champion’ and support the organisations latest campaign in welcoming pollinators back to the area.

Headed up by Green Futures Newton Abbot, the Bradley Bug Recovery Network is an initiative engaging with local residents in the Bradley Barton and Bradley Valley neighbourhoods which will see insect numbers measured such that a baseline reading can be produced.

This reading can then be used to chart the groups progress in restoring populations and increasing biodiversity.

Green Futures Newton Abbot are a community organisation based in Newton Abbot: the organisation is dedicated to taking care of the natural environment, working alongside with local people.

Over the last 50 years there has been a decline in pollinating insects globally; pollinating insects keep the ecosystem healthy by helping plants reproduce, they are essential for  crop development also.

Green Futures Newton Abbot is supported by a number of organisations: Bradley Barton Primary School, Fermoy’s Garden Centre, the National Trust and many more.

To get involved and become a Bradley Bug Champion, send an email to - bradleybugs@ greenfutures-newtonabbot.co.uk