SUPPORTERS of the Teign Valley Community Hall in Christow used the lockdown as an opportunity to give the valuable asset a makeover.

The enforced closure enabled a major refurbishment to be undertaken, including improvement to the heating and acoustics. 

Jill Arthur, the chairman of Teign Valley Community Hall, said: ‘We held a public art competition to see if there was anyone in the valley with the necessary talent and skills to create designs that could be transferred onto the acoustic panels in the corridor, and transform the five blank panels into inspiring artwork for all to enjoy.

The competition was won by Sandy Webb, a talented architectural designer and artist, who moved to Christow last year.

Sandy explained: ‘I began by researching the villages and walking the valley, to build up a collage of images including key buildings.

‘I created a pen template and some watercolour paintings. I then transferred the images onto the acoustic boards with an airbrush and acrylic paints.

‘I must have spent more than 150 hours on the project and it was an absolute joy.

‘People have given me some wonderful feedback.’

Each of the 1.2-metre square boards contains those stalwarts of village life – the local pub and church – as well as activities popular in the area, such as artists at their easel, horse riders, and pet alpacas.

And in honour of the modeel airplace club which meets at the hall, each painting also features a toy aircraft in flight.

Jill said: ‘Her designs represent the life that exists within the Teign Valley through its buildings, landmarks, nature, residents, and the activities that occur in the villages and in the TVCH.

‘You can recognise the nature and the architecture, notably the churches and public houses of the five key villages in the Teign Valley.

‘These views and landmarks are carefully and seamlessly blended together by the plants and activities of the valley residents.’

‘Sandy voluntarily spent much time, effort and considerable skill to complete these artworks, for us all to enjoy in the years to come.’