THIEVES appear to have targeted seafront cafes in Teignmouth and Dawlish.

The Cafe at Coryton Cove and one of the seafront kiosks in Teignmouth were both broken into overnight last week.

At Coryton, the site was vandalised while goods, equipment and cash were stolen.

In Teignmouth, the ice cream kiosk, opposite Channel View surgery, was ransacked and cash from charity boxes stolen.

There have been reports that both break-ins, along with another at a cafe in Babbacombe, Torquay, may have been the work of the same culprits.

It has been suggested that the crimes may have been carried out by an organised, professional gang.

Marco Censi, who runs the Coryton cafe, said he had been able to get back up and running a day after the break-in.

The thieves managed to cut a padlock and broke down a door to get into the cafe where they were also able to unbolt a small safe which had contained about £400 in cash along with staff tips.

Also stolen were a laptop and an Alexa.

Marco explained that cans of drink, crisps and biscuits were also stolen and empty packets had been left strewn around the nearby beach huts.

He said: ‘It is a big disappointment.

‘It’s been six years since we opened and no body has touched anything.

‘It is inconvenient, just as we are opening up for the season.

‘It seems like they just helped themselves but they were wearing gloves as the police say there are no finger prints.’

The intruders also took one of two smoothie machines at the premises which Marco said was ‘quite heavy’.

He was grateful for all the support from locals and customers.

In Teignmouth, owner of the seafront ice cream kiosk, former Mayor Robert Phipps has offered a reward for information to track down the burglars.

The incident was spotted by a passing dog walker.

Mr Phipps explained: ‘No money is kept in the kiosks overnight other than charity boxes which are now empty thanks to the thieves.

‘Sorry but we will no longer be collecting for any charity with donated change.

‘We are happy to make donations out of our own pocket to local charities so as they don’t lose out in future.

‘Someone must have seen something.’

Mr Phipps is offering a reward of £250 for information to identify who was responsible.

Scenes of crime officers were due to attend the kiosk.

Mr Phipps added that there was a lot of damage caused for just a ‘handful’ of change.

The news has angered locals who described the incident as ‘mindless vandalism’ and ‘opportunistic thieving’.

Others said it was ‘sad’ and ‘disgusting’ and ‘terrible behaviour’.

Mr Phipps received dozens of messages of support.

Extensive damage was done to the building during the break-in.