THE new Buckfast Post Office has received a blessing from the Abbot of Buckfast, David Charlesworth.

The post office moved from The Mill Shop to new premises in Buckfast Road. The building has been completely refurbished thanks to Buckfast Abbey, which wanted to support the post office as the heart of the community offering a wide range of services to residents and local businesses.

The post Office has agreed to Buckfast being a community post office in order to support the branch.

Postmaster Lorraine Lee, who ‘cut the ribbon’ at a community celebration at the branch, said: ‘It was a very successful move.

‘We’re fully stocked, our shelves are filled and we’re very busy!

‘Our customers love it – they say it’s lovely, spacious and light.

‘Everyone’s very happy with the new branch.’

The abbey provided a buffet meal at the blessing.