A NOSTALGIC visit to a village pub in Liverton, which their family used to run, ended in a brawl after one of three brothers went into the wrong toilet.

Wayne, Martin and Keegan Lloyd were all returning to the Star Inn at Liverton, from their homes in Cornwall when a petty argument led to the trouble breaking out.

The pub had been redesigned since their father had run it and Wayne accidentally went into the wrong toilet and then pushed a member of bar staff who remonstrated with him after he came out.

Wayne left the pub briefly and returned to apologise but his two brothers took up the argument. A brawl broke out despite Wayne’s attempts to calm them down and a member of staff was hurt in the melee.

A door was also damaged as the brothers were evicted by the landlord and locals and the police were called to the scene, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Wayne Lloyd, aged 34, of Hawfield, Threemilestone, near Truro, admitted threatening and abusive behaviour and was conditionally discharged by Judge Timothy Rose at Exeter Crown Court.

Martin Lloyd, aged 30, of Dabryn Way, St Stephens, near St Austell, and Keegan Lloyd, aged 23, of Hawfield, Threemilestone, both admitted affray and criminal damage and will be sentenced later.

The judge told Wayne: ‘You reacted badly to begin with. You should not have started swearing at people or pushing them. It was a bit of a petulant show.

‘You went back to apologise and did not want anything else to happen and you tried to stop it when others kicked off.’

Miss Rachel Drake, prosecuting, said the incident happened on August 16, 2019, when the brothers returned for a night out at the pub which their father used to run.

There was a verbal exchange when a member of bar staff told Wayne that he had used the wrong toilet and he responded by pushing him away while saying ‘how the **** am I supposed to know?’

He went on to apologise and try to restrain his brothers when a fight broke out in the bar.

Miss Emily Pitts, defending, said Wayne Lloyd has never been in any trouble before and had tried to act as peacemaker.

He has worked as a taxi driver and doorman but is currently unable to work as a result of the pandemic, resulting in hardship for himself and his four children.