A DRUGS gang which terrorised Dawlish and Teignmouth was locked up for more than a century today (Tuesday).

Thirteen thugs were part of a regime which ruled over the resorts, dishing out violence to those who crossed their evil path.

Police said after sentences were imposed at Bristol Crown Court this afternoon: ‘These towns are now safer places to be.’

They paid tribute to the witnesses and women victims of sexual exploitation who defied the gang’s brutal rule to help officers bring the main offenders to justice.

The biggest punishment went to the gang’s self-proclaimed Dawlish-based ringleader, 41-year-old James Lee Brooks, aka Geordie Lee, who was put away for 25 years for 20 drugs and sex offences.

Senior officers said the gang, part of a criminal empire worth £1 million, flooded the local streets with cocaine and cannabis.

They didn’t flinch from imposing their violent will on the vulnerable, including women who were sexually exploited.

Five of the gang were jailed for multiple rapes.

The video below was produced as evidence in court.

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