Camera set up to watch wildlife catches serial burglar from Kingskerswell instead

Wednesday 4th August 2021 6:11 am
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JAILED: Anthony Bubeer ()

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A SERIAL burglar from Kingskerswell has been jailed after an animal lover spotted him in his garden on a camera which he had set up to monitor foxes and badgers.

Anthony Bubeer climbed over a fence from a neighbouring copse to get into the back garden of the house in Torquay and was filmed trying to open doors into the house and garage.

He is a career criminal with 29 convictions for housebreaking and seven more for commercial burglaries and was still on prison licence for his last set of offences when he was arrested in April.

Detectives knew him well and recognised him when they watched the footage from the motion activated camera.

Bubeer, aged 42, of Coles Lane, Kingskerswell, admitted attempted burglary and was jailed for a year by Recorder Mr James Newton-Price, QC.

He told him: ’The owner of the property had a motion sensor camera. He got up the next day and viewed the footage to see if there had been any wildlife activity overnight.

’He was able to see you shortly after 1 am walking about for eight or nine minutes.

’You were seen to try to open doors before you gave up and walked away. No entry was gained and nothing was stolen.

’It is obvious what you were doing. You are a prolific offender who most recently served 42 months and you were still on licence.’

Mr Tom Bradnock, prosecuting, said Bubeer was filmed in the garden in Pilmuir Avenue, Torre, from 1.01am to 1.10am on April 22 this year as he walked around trying doors to the garage and back porch.

Police found clothing identical to what he was wearing in the footage when they arrested him three weeks later.

Mr Paul Dentith, defending, said Bubeer had not made a determined effort to get into the house and left when he found it was secure.

He has overcome a long-standing drug problem since his last jail sentence and is ashamed of himself for letting down his family.

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