ONE HUNDRED drivers were caught speeding in one day in Newton Abbot, police have announced. 

Officers carried out an operation in the town where a string of offences were discovered. 

These included those travelling at excessive speed.

Also found were eight people not wearing seatbelts; two drivers using mobile phones; one suspected drug driver; three vehicles with insecure loads and three overweight vehicles. 

Eight vehicles had illegally tinted windows; four people were driving without insurance; two vehicles had illegal number plats and one car was found to have modifications made to it which had not been declared. 

Officers also noted two e-scooter offences. 

The operation was part of a force-wide effort to reduce serious and fatal collisions. 

Roads policing officers are working with patrol officers, special constables and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to carry out road safety operations as part of a national campaign which aims to reduce the number of collisions and casualties as a result of the ‘Fatal Five’.

There are five main contributory factors that cause serious road traffic collisions, known as the ‘Fatal Five’. 

The ‘Fatal Five’ consists of careless driving, drink/drug driving, failing to wear seatbelts, using mobile phones (and other in-car distractions) and speeding.

The operation in Newton Abbot was carried out on April 11. 

Sergeant Jon Barry, who heads up patrol teams in South Devon and led the operation, said: ‘We’re working to reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads of Devon and Cornwall.

‘We know the vast majority of motorists are careful and considerate drivers who stick to the rules and drive at a safe speed, but sadly some motorists do not adhere to the law and that decision can have devastating consequences for themselves and other road users.

‘Our aim is to keep everyone safe on our roads by making sure those who commit offences are caught and dealt with appropriately.’

Operational activity will continue across Devon and Cornwall for the remainder of April.

Drivers who commit offences could receive a fine and points on their licence, a court appearance and even imprisonment for more serious offences.