LOVE might be in the air this Valentine’s Day, but it seems not every relationship could be fur-ever – with 85 per cent of people surveyed* declaring they would rather spend the day with their pet than their partner.

Data collected by leading veterinary charity, PDSA, has revealed that the love between people and their pets is stronger than ever this Valentine’s Day, with 89 per cent of respondents saying their pet shows them more love than their partner.

And it seems many animal lovers want to treat their animal soulmate this year too, with almost two thirds (65 per cent) of pet lovers buying their furry friend a Valentine’s Day treat. Many animal lovers (76 per cent) have made the day extra special for their pet, either by buying an edible treat (56 per cent), a new toy (32 per cent), or a feeding puzzle (11 per cent).

Although only 23 per cent of respondents receive a gift back from their pets, 79 per cent said their pet always signs their name in their Valentine’s card – proving they’re “mutts” about their owner.

Taking their dog on a romantic walk (30 per cent) and playing games (17 per cent) are among the things owners are planning to do with their pet on the big day – with non-stop snuggles (54 per cent) ranking the highest expression of affection on the Valentine’s agenda.

Commenting on the findings, PDSA Vet Catherine Burke said: “It’s great to see so many animal lovers showing their pets so much care and attention this Valentine’s Day. Even though cats and dogs don’t know we’re in love season, we’re sure they appreciate the extra snuggles and walks to their favourite park.

“These findings reaffirm that pets hold a special place in our hearts as cherished family members deserving of affection all year round – not just on Valentine’s Day. It’s only right we express our appreciation for our furry friends with thoughtful gifts that help look after their happiness and wellbeing – even if it does make our other halves jealous!”

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*According to a survey carried out on PDSA’s Instagram account.