A TEENAGE boy had to be taken to hospital following a dog attack in a Newton Abbot park.

The following article contains graphic images.

The teenager, 14, had been playing football at Sandringham Park with some friends when a dog came running toward him.

Eyewitnesses say the dog latched onto the boys arm and began jumping onto his back, leaving bite and scratch marks.

Dog attack Sandringham Park, Newton Abbot

‘It was reported that a dog attacked a teenage boy before the boy’s friend fought off the dog and it ran away’ a spokesperson for Newton Abbot Police said.

It is understood that the dog’s owner was nowhere to be seen.

‘Anybody who witnessed the incident or has information is asked to call police on 101 or visit our website quoting 50240136265’ the spokesperson added.

‘My lad is lucky, he is 6ft tall, but say this had happened to a small child - it could have been fatal’ the boy’s mother said.