POLICE are appealing for information after equipment was stolen from a farm in the Ashburton and Chudleigh area. 

Officers believe the property which was stolen had been advertised on a selling site.

It is likely this led to the location of the property being disclosed to potential thieves. 

A spokesman for the Ashburton and Chudleigh policing team said: ‘Although in this case a farm was targeted, with the increase in buying and selling of goods on line and on social media or selling sites, we need to be careful of what information we pass to a potential thief.

‘Please take care particularly if you are selling high value goods through any of these outlets, ensure that what you are selling remains safe until the exchange, or you allow a potential buyer to view the goods.

‘Remember any information you give out could give a criminal a way to plan a theft or pass the information on to someone else.’