Two-day police blitz on law-breaking motorists in Teignbridge

By Paul James in Crime

MULTIPLE arrests and vehicle seizures were made across Teignbridge during a two-day police blitz on law-breaking motorists.

Operation Allied Wolf ended today (June 15) with officers swooping at Olympus Park, off Balls Corner in Newton Abbot, where one suspect car was towed away for no tax, MOT or insurance (pictured).

On the first day alone some ten vehicles were seized. Arrests were connected to driving whilst disqualified, positive roadside drug swipes and drugs possession.

Police said one of the ambitions of the exercise, which kicked off yesterday, was to deter and disrupt ‘organised criminality’ using local roads, as well as motorists who broke the law.

Part of the initiative, led by Chief Insp Adrian Leisk, involved checking speedsters abusing the 50mph limit along the new South Devon Highway linking Newton Abbot and Torquay.

Chief Insp Leisk said: ‘The overall aim was road casualty reduction, and at the same time helping to minimise crime and traffic-related incidents in the area.

‘The same officers involved in this operation are those who have to knock on doors to tell people that a loved one is never, ever coming home.

‘This is a job which never gets any easier and acts as a motivating factor to create the environment where drivers are more aware of the harm they could cause.’

He added: ‘Operation Allied Wolf has proved itself to be a very effective tool for improving road safety and also for providing an excellent opportunity to educate road users about unacceptable driving behaviours.

‘Criminals use vehicles to travel and commit crime. Those who pay little attention to wider laws will not comply with the legal requirements around using motor vehicles. This is an excellent opportunity to take them off the road, reducing their mobility and ability to cause harm to our communities.

‘We are also now supported by the new legislation relating to using a mobile device while driving. Penalties have now doubled to a £200 fine and six points on a license. Newer drivers, and those who already have points on their license, may find themselves off the road very quickly indeed if caught.’

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